Mini Squad - Blue Dolphins

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Mini Squad - Blue Dolphins


For kids who are confident swimmers

These kids can confidently swim 25m freestyle and backstroke with proficient technique. This level will provide kids with activities and games to extend their strokes and their survival skills. It will also introduce them to the skills needed for squad training (larger class sizes of 6-8).

Recommended ages 7-8yrs (having completed minimum level 5 swim lessons)

Includes FREE Junior Dolphin Membership with Swimming WA (for ages 7 & under)

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Before taking part in this level, kids should be able to demonstrate a number of skills including:

1. Freestyle, with bilateral breathing, and backstroke for 25m with advanced technique

2. Breaststroke 'kick' with an aid for 10-15m

3. Breaststroke sculling for 10-15m

4. Dolphin 'kick' action for 5m

5. Racing dive from the blocks

After graduating from this program, your child will have sound proficient swimming techniques and will be ready to join the swimming squad.